🆒 @josesh 🆒 @kellyjarulez #burgerboysentertainment @okfersher

🆒 @josesh 🆒 @kellyjarulez #burgerboysentertainment @okfersher


HB cognac #burgerboysentertainment @okfersher  (at rock the bells 2012)

HB cognac #burgerboysentertainment @okfersher (at rock the bells 2012)

Im trying to have my first photo show, should I get bigger prints for my photos or just showcase the normal 4x6 prints I have

whatever you wana do and however much you wana show. ive done shows with a couple big pieces, and shows with a ton of small ones in a collage style

Do you still make skate videos? They were so sick!

i havent really filmed anything in awhile i just like to have fun with it

can I suck your ass

: /



i will be in ny next month for a fersher exhibit at the fools gold store the 14th(?) more details to come…
👈 #burgerboysentertainment @okfersher  (at Griffith Observatory)

👈 #burgerboysentertainment @okfersher (at Griffith Observatory)